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The following standards of apprenticeship covering the employment and training of apprentices in the trade of Ironworkers have been agreed to by Ironworkers Local 6 and the construction Industry Employers Association, Inc.

The Joint Apprenticeship Committee charged with the administration of this program gives its services on a voluntary basis and is selected equally from the Construction Industry Employers Association and Local 6.

This plan, when put into operation under the guidance of the JAC, is designed to produce efficient mechanics in numbers which will adequately supply the industry’s needs.

The success of the JAC will depend on the willingness of the industry to cooperate with the committee in every manner possible

The purpose of apprentice training is to encourage careful selection of persons coming into the trade and to train apprentices who are now in the trade; to assist in providing training that will equip them for profitable employment and good citizenship; and to further the assurance of qualified workers to the employer to the end that the public may receive the best possible work available.

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