Buffalo NY Ironworkers Union

Building Buffalo Communities

Have you ever looked up at a towering city skyline and wondered who built that? What about while you were gazing at the expanse of the Peace Bridge, the grandeur of the First Niagara Center, or the massive height of the windmills along Lake Erie? Proud union ironworkers built everyone of those structures, including vital structures like testing and building facilities for the stealth fighter and space shuttle, schools and hospitals, along with just about every other kind of building, bridge, or industrial structure you can imagine.


Building Career Opportunities

Every day hardworking and dedicated ironworkers put sweat, skill and pride into the bridges that link us together, the stadiums where we watch our heros play, and of course, the soaring towers that scrape the sky. Ironworkers work among the clouds. We're "the cowboys of the skies." Ironworking is an exciting multi-faceted trade, led by professionals with skill sets that are always in demand. We invite you to learn more about or become part of an elite work force- to help build America.


Building a Better Tomorrow

The International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers Local No. 6 is committed to building a stronger future for WNY and its citizens.  We aim to reach new heights not only for our structures, but also the men, women, and children who benefit from the schools and structures we have built.  After 112 years of monumental experiences, we look forward to bridging WNY and the future generations to a bigger and brighter future.